Mentor Scheme



This is a tailored program to focus on your own painting journey, developing your style and confidence.

I already run online workshops in oils and acrylics, and offer a feedback and critique service on your work. This scheme brings together those aspects with live teaching and personal painting development.

This is about investing in yourself, your knowledge and techniques, in order to develop your own way of seeing.

The scheme will be £150 per month, pay as you go, to include everything below.

You can join for a month, or as long as you like. 


Recent comments:


“Invaluable feedback that is always positive”

“Incredible how these changes make such a big difference”

“I wasn’t expecting such an acutely observed critique!”

“Reading your comments and being able to visualise from your image is really helpful!”

“Wow! Love those edits! Why couldn’t I see that!? Thank you!”

“I love your suggestions, I can see exactly what you mean.”