Painting Critique and Feedback



Is your painting lacking magic?

Is it frustratingly ‘not right’ ? Is something just not quite working – but you can’t put your finger on what?

Sometimes the changes that make the biggest difference to the overall success and magic of your painting are tiny!

Through my online art tuition in oils and acrylics, I have developed a system for delivering both transformative and constructive feedback. I will look at all aspects of your painting – its composition, tonal values, colour, texture – and give you professional, objective advice, illustrated digitally for clarity.

Send me up to two paintings and lets see what we can do!


Recent comments:


“Invaluable feedback that is always positive”

“Incredible how these changes make such a big difference”

“I wasn’t expecting such an acutely observed critique!”

“Reading your comments and being able to visualise from your image is really helpful!”

“Wow! Love those edits! Why couldn’t I see that!? Thank you!”

“I love your suggestions, I can see exactly what you mean.”