Mentoring Scheme

This is a tailored program to focus on your own painting journey, developing your style and confidence.

I already run online workshops in oils and acrylics, and offer a feedback and critique service on your work. This scheme brings together those aspects with live teaching and personal painting development.

This is about investing in yourself, your knowledge and techniques, in order to develop your own way of seeing.

The scheme will be £150 per month, to include everything below. You can join for a month, or as long as you like. 




Firstly we will have a chat via zoom (or phone or email) to decide where you are at and where you would like to go. I will look at your work and we will develop a plan together.

I will then give you a focused Video demo to complete, with comprehensive notes – with detailed feedback on your results, tailored to our initial chat.

After that we will schedule one hour’s live painting tuition. This will provide the opportunity for us to both paint from an image of your choice together, via zoom, so that I can see how you work. (You just need a mobile phone set up so that I can see your canvas – we can figure it out!)

I will then give you Critique and feedback on two of your own paintings, and a detailed summary of advice.

Emailed questions – if you have any painting questions whilst on the course, drop me an email and I’ll reply asap.