Welcome to my book, out in March 2024, on everything I know about painting!

The special focus is on achieving illusory, contre jour light. I am just always drawn to those elusive hazy greys and brights! Pre order it here.

Successful contre-jour art – art that is painted looking towards the light – possesses a captivating magic. It causes the viewer to squint, with dazzling light seeming to glow from the canvas. 

The technique looks incredibly accomplished, but with renowned artist Jenny Aitken’s guidance, is surprisingly easy to achieve using oils. Known for painting sparkling light on water, Jenny delivers practical, easy-to-follow guidance for confident beginner artists onwards.

It all begins with careful observation of colour value and temperature. Painting into the Light includes information on simplification, tone, capturing accurate colour, working indoors and out, landscapes, still life, how to create atmosphere, create the illusion of space and much more all vital information to help you succeed across a range of subjects.

Through 10 step-by-step painting demonstrations and clear, illustrated methods of working, Jenny’s first book will show you how to bring every painting to life with light. A section on troubleshooting tricky paintings will show you that every painting is salvageable, but with an understanding of light and colour, it’s much more likely that you will find success the first time round.