My Kit

In my studio, I have a Mabef studio easel. My studio doesn’t have a huge ceiling, so I fix two of these adjustable easel lamps above and to the side for lighting my canvas and palette.

I have a Strada midi for plein air work. It is hardwearing and you can carry a fair amount of paint in it for a solid day’s work outside. I also have a U.go Tripod.

I use gesso or linen boards, unless I’m painting larger than around 70 x 50cm. Then its good quality stretched linen canvas,

My paint brushes are usually Ivory flats and filberts from Rosemary Brushes. If you contact them here, you can buy my set – which consists of: Ivory Filberts size 2 and 4, Ivory short flat size 6, Ultimate Bristle filbert size 6 and an Ivory rigger size 0. The Ivory brushes are firm and perfect both for moving the oils and ‘placing’ the paint softly. The Ultimate Bristle is great for getting a bit mor paint on the canvas when you need some thick highlights – and the rigger is good for some splashy noise and any refined edges you might want at the end of the painting.

I use low odour solvent – both for cleaning brushes and thinning paints. I don’t really use a medium. I like Zest It, Robersons Studio safe solvent or Jackson’s own, here, which is great for air travel due its high flashpoint rating. I have a brush washer like this one.

My paints are usually by Michael Harding or Winsor & Newton Artist colours – these are in my typical palette:

Titanium White 1, Bright Yellow Lake, Permanent Orange, Scarlet, Deep Purple (dioxazine), Ultramarine, Pthalo Blue (red), Pthalo Green (yellow), Sap Green.