Welcome to my online, 12 week painting course, accessible to all on a pay as you go basis (if you have a computer and internet!)

There is no commitment – start in your own time and you will be able to dip in and out as you like.

* Each module includes an online painting video, with accompanying notes, full instructions and painting exercise. You will retain access to the video.

*I’d then like you to photograph your resulting painting and share it with me, so that I can give you individual advice and helpful tips via email. I use photoshop to illustrate my suggestions on your painting, which makes my advice visually easy to understand.

*A quick note on copyright – I’ve always been free and easy about it, but recently I have decided I should fit in with the way other tutors do things and ask that you not exhibit images for sale where you have worked directly from my photos. Please do share away on social media, just with a small acknowledgement. 

*Pay as you go for each module – which will be £25, payable by bank transfer or Paypal.

It’s a flexible materials list, but for the course, you will need:

Acrylic board or canvas boards, whichever size you prefer.

(Acrylic paper is ok if taped onto a board. Other paper isn’t ideal unless very thick, taped onto a drawing board and primed with gesso)

Acrylics – the following, or similar: titanium white, cadmium red, lemon yellow, ultramarine, pthalo blue, pthalo green, sap green, purple/violet, plus a small amount of black or paynes grey for the first day of the course (tonal painting)

Brushes – a medium flat, filbert and a liner or rigger brush.

Water pot, cloth/tissue/wipes, large palette (plate is fine!)

I recommend using an easel – or at least a table easel – but its not essential!

Amazon will have all of this! Otherwise, for those based in the UK I use www.jacksonsart.com or www.artsupplies.co.uk

(for the first week – you will only need white and black acrylic (or any dark tone) this week, as it’s a tonal painting session ? a flat brush, and a surface to paint on! It is an excellent way to warm yourself up for the rest of the course – and get moving that paint around with a bit of freedom!

Join the Facebook Painting Club page with any questions – or just to share your paintings and chat to other artists!

Module 1 Tonal Painting

Module 2 Sun Sea and Sand

Module 3 Bluebell Wood

Module 4 Wild Seas

Module 5 Land and Sky

Module 6 Sparkly Seas

Module 7 Sunset Sky

Module 8 City Light

Module 9 Mountain Vista

Module 10 Harbour Light

Module 11 Portraits

Course details

Week 1 Tonal Painting – Dramatic Seascape. Learn about brushstrokes, paint mixing, brushwork and tonal analysis

Week 2  Seascapes 1 – Sun, Sea and Sand. A look at sparkly light on water and how to achieve special effects

Week 3 Landscapes 1 – Bluebell Wood. Learn about layering light and building up colour.

Week 4 Seascapes 2 – Wild Seas. How to construct wave paintings and get the effect of stormy movement

Week 5 Landscapes 2 –  Big Skies and land. Achieve distance and drama through tonal analysis and directional brushwork.

Week 6 Seascapes 3 – Salty Light. How to achieve distance on the sea and a hazy, coastal atmosphere.

Week 7 Seascapes 4 – Sunset Sky. A look at colour, shadow and the effect of the sky on the sea.

Week 8 Landscapes 3 – City Light. How to approach and simplify figures and objects to get a sense of movement and life

Week 9 Landscapes 4 – Mountain Vista. How to get the effect of immense distance, and lead the eye in to your painting.

Week 10 Seascapes 5 – Harbour Light. How to simplify a scene to maximum effect, through brushwork and creative composition.

Week 11 Portraits 1 – Bring your Portrait to Life. How to construct a portrait, start to finish – with accuracy, light and life