Advice & Critique



I’m often asked for painting advice, which is a great privilege!

So this is the resulting tailored advice module, focused on your own painting journey, to help develop your style and confidence.

(I also run online workshops in oils and acrylics, and offer a shorter feedback and critique service for individual paintings)

Firstly, I will send you a list of questions for you to consider, and you in turn will send me your answers and thoughts on what you would like to see improved in your work.

You then send me 4 paintings of your choice.

I then write up a detailed report and illustrate my ideas and advice digitally using your images, so you can see clearly how the composition, brushwork, colour and tonal changes can make a difference. I have found this method to be an excellent teaching and communication tool – it makes it much easier to understand and put into practice when you can see the potential changes within your own work.