Welcome to my online, 12 week painting course, accessible to all on a pay as you go basis (if you have a computer and internet!)

There is no commitment – start in your own time and you will be able to dip in and out as you like.

* Each module includes an online painting video, with accompanying notes, full instructions and painting exercise. You will retain access to the video.

*I’d then like you to photograph your resulting painting and share it with me, so that I can give you individual advice and helpful tips via email. I use photoshop to illustrate my suggestions on your painting, which makes my advice visually easy to understand.

*Pay as you go for each module – which will be £25, payable by bank transfer or Paypal.

It’s a flexible materials list, but for the course, you will need:

Acrylic board or canvas boards, whichever size you prefer.

(Acrylic paper is ok if taped onto a board. Other paper isn’t ideal unless very thick, taped onto a drawing board and primed with gesso)

Acrylics – the following, or similar: titanium white, cadmium red, lemon yellow, ultramarine, pthalo blue, pthalo green, sap green, purple/violet, plus a small amount of black or paynes grey for the first day of the course (tonal painting)

Brushes – a medium flat, filbert and a liner or rigger brush.

Water pot, cloth/tissue/wipes, large palette (plate is fine!)

I recommend using an easel – or at least a table easel – but its not essential!

Amazon will have all of this! Otherwise, for those based in the UK I use www.jacksonsart.com or www.artsupplies.co.uk

(for the first week – you will only need white and black acrylic (or any dark tone) this week, as it’s a tonal painting session ? a flat brush, and a surface to paint on! It is an excellent way to warm yourself up for the rest of the course – and get moving that paint around with a bit of freedom!

Join the Facebook Painting Club page with any questions – or just to share your paintings and chat to other artists!

Course details

Week 1 Tonal Painting – Dramatic Seascape. Learn about brushstrokes, paint mixing, brushwork and tonal analysis

Week 2  Seascapes 1 – Sun, Sea and Sand. A look at sparkly light on water and how to achieve special effects

Week 3 Landscapes 1 – Bluebell Wood. Learn about layering light and building up colour.

Week 4 Seascapes 2 – Wild Seas. How to construct wave paintings and get the effect of stormy movement

Week 5 Landscapes 2 –  Big Skies and land. Achieve distance and drama through tonal analysis and directional brushwork.

Week 6 Seascapes 3 – Salty Light. How to achieve distance on the sea and a hazy, coastal atmosphere.

Week 7 Seascapes 4 – Sunset Sky. A look at colour, shadow and the effect of the sky on the sea.

Week 8 Landscapes 3 – City Light. How to approach and simplify figures and objects to get a sense of movement and life

Week 9 Landscapes 4 – Mountain Vista. How to get the effect of immense distance, and lead the eye in to your painting.

Week 10 Still Life – How to construct a scene and bring vibrance and life to your subject.

Week 11 Seascapes 5 – Harbour Light. How to simplify a scene to maximum effect, through brushwork and creative composition.

Week 12 Portraits 1 – Bring your Portrait to Life. How to construct a portrait, start to finish – with accuracy, light and life